Woollen Dyes

Lanasyn Acid Dyes

We provide lanasyn, acid dyes that are highly effective and cater to the requirements of various application areas in textile industry. These soluble acid dyes are suitable for dyeing wool, silk, mohair, angora, alpaca and other fibers. Further, our range of dyes are soluble in water and have accurate composition of the chemicals.

  • Lanasyn Black M-DL 170
  • Lanasyn Black S-DLI p
  • Lanasyn Black M-RGLI p
  • Lanasyn Blue F-2RFL p 160
  • Lanasyn Bordeaux MSMBI
  • Lanasyn Brown M-2RLI p Lanasyn Brown M-DBL p
  • Lanasyn Brown S-B p
  • Lanasyn Grey M-BLI
  • Lanasyn Grey M-BL-IN p
  • Lanasyn Navy M-DNLI p
  • Lanasyn Olive MSG
  • Lanasyn Orange MLNI p
  • Lanasyn Orange M-RLNI p
  • Lanasyn Red M-G sgr*
  • Lanasyn Scarlet 2SLI
  • Lanasyn Turquoise M-5G
  • Lanasyn Violet F-BL 180
  • Lanasyn Yellow M-2RL 180
  • Lanasyn Yellow M-2GLN 250
  • Lanasyn Yellow S2GLI
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