Silk Nylon Dyes

Optilan Acid Dyes

Our range of optilan - acid dyes are widely used in the textile industry for their superior quality and effective use. These textile acid dyes are highly effective to dye protein/animal fibers such as wool, silk, mohair, angora, alpaca and some nylons and synthetics. Our range of optilan - acid dyes are accurately formulated and are in compliance with the industrial standards.

  • Optilan Brilliant Green E-BI p
  • Optilan Brilliant Red N-3BNI p
  • Optilan Brilliant Violet MF5BN
  • Optilan Yellow MF-4GLI p
  • Optilan Red MF-NRSI p
  • Optilan Turquoise E-ASI p
  • Optilan Blue E - BRNI p
  • Optilan Yellow MF-2GLI

Nylosan Acid Dyes

Nylosan - acid dyes is a member of a class of dye that is applied from an acidic solution. These dyes find applications in the textile and other allied industries. We procure these textile acid dyes from the well established manufacturers and are available in different properties as per the fastness requirements, level dyeing properties and economy.

  • Nylosan Blue E-GL p 250
  • Nylosan Blue N-BLN sgr*
  • Nylosan Bordeaux N-BL 120
  • Nylosan Black F-WLI P
  • Nylosan Brilliant Blue N-FL sgr 180
  • Nylosan Red N-2RBL sgr
  • Nylosan Rhodamin E-B p 300
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