Finishing Chemicals and Technical Textiles

Finishing Chemicals

We offer an accurately formulated range of textile finishing chemicals which are sourced from the reliable vendors of the industry. These textile finishing chemicals are used as finishing agents in the textile industry and are suitable for all types of fibers.

Our range of chemicals are available in various packaging options and at affordable rates.

  • Arkofix KVS.IN liq : A novel cross-linking agent for shock-cure process.
  • Arkofix KV2S liq : An economical cross-linking agent with built in catalyst system for shock-cure process.
  • Arkofix KVSNI liq : A novel cross-linking agent for shock-cure process.
  • Arkofix NDF.IN liq c : Arkofix NDL liq c : A new crosslinking agent for cellulosic fibers and their blends, with very low Free Formaldehyde on finished fabrics.
  • Arkofix NDL.IN liq : Arkofix NEC Plus.IN liq c :A new crosslinking agent for cellulosic fibers and their blends, with zero% chlorine retention on finished fabrics.
  • Arkofix NZF New liq : Arkofix UFA liq : is unique non-formaldehyde based product for the finishing of cellulosic and polyester /cellulosic blended fabrics.
  • Catalyst LT-1 liq : Catalyst MC -1 liq : Ceralube OEW liq :A special softner / lubricant for knitted and woven goods, especially of open end yarns of all types of fibers.
  • Ceranin HCSI c fla : Concentrated cationic finishing agent
  • Ceranine CS.IN fla : Economical cationic softener in flakes form for all types of fibers.
  • Ceranine CWL fla : Ceranine

Technical Textiles Chemicals

We have an assortment of technical textiles chemicals that are widely acknowledged for their purity and effectiveness. These chemicals are suitable to be used on fabrics made from cellulosic and synthetic fibers. We offer these technical textiles chemicals in proper and safe packaging in order to retain their properties

  • Appretan BF liq : Appretan CFB liq : A pure acrylic self crosslinking binder for high pigment loading.
  • Appretan ECO liq : A single shot softner for polyester saree
  • Appretan EM.IN liq : Finishing agent for imparting a stiff finish
  • Appretan MBX Premium liq : Appretan PUL liq : Aqueous aliphatic polyurethane dispersion
  • Appretan N 94111.IN liq : Appretan TF liq : Appretan TS.IN liq : Ceranine RVT liq : A Preparative agent for Nylon and Viscose Flock Cerol EX liq : Is a melamine wax emulsion for use as a water repellant and/or fluorochemical extender. Used on fabrics made from cellulosic fibers, synthethic fibers or their blends.
  • Nuva HPC liq : Extreme durable finishing product for excellent oil - and water - repellent effects Nuva HPU liq : Extreme durable finishing product for excellent oil- and water-repellent effects on textiles made from synthetic and cellulosic fibres
  • Nuva N 4118 liq : gives cotton and cotton/polyester blends a very good soil-release finishing with good durabilities and improved soaking abilities.
  • Nuva 4200 liq : Combines the effectivnesses of a good soil-release agent, for oily and watery soils, with them of a very good oil and water repellent finishing agent on all kind of fibres, prefered on cotton.
  • Nuva SRCN liq : Nuva TTC liq : Finishing product for extremely durable water-and-oil repellent finishing of textiles made of cellulosic fibres, like cotton and also for synthetics like polyester and blends
  • Pekoflam ABW liq : Pekoflam DPN-1 liq : Fibre reactive phosphorus based flame retardant used for the 'wash resistant' flame retardant finishing of cellulose and its blends with synthetic fibres.
  • Pekoflam DTS liq : Pekoflam HSD liq : Water soluble flame retardant agent specifically formulated for application to cellulosic rich materials and upholstery.
  • Pekoflam PES liq c : Very effective organophosphorous based flame retardant for use on PES and PA textiles and in many polymer systems with 'wash resistant' effects.
  • Sanitized T2010 p : Sanitized T90-04 N liq : The durable hygiene fresh finish for textiles in contact with human skin.
  • Sanitized T99-19 : has a reliable and durable bacteriostatic effect against a large number of grampositive and gramnegative bacteria and several microfungi such as Candida and Aspergillus repens.
  • Stabilizer KZP liq:
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