Cotton Printing Dyes

Pigment Emulsions

We have a range of printofix, pigment emulsions, which are used for a number of applications in textile, paint, detergent, paper and other industries. With the help of our experienced team of quality experts, We deliver these printofix - pigment emulsions in well-certified formulations.

  • Printofix Brown R-GP
  • Printofix Green R-G
  • Printofix Black R-G
  • Printofix Olive Green R-B
  • Printofix Turq. Blue R -BD
  • Printofix Navy R- B
  • Printofix Blue R-G
  • Printofix Blue R-BN
  • Printofix Violet R-B
  • Printofix Bordo R-R
  • Printofix Red R-BG
  • Printofix Orange R-G
  • Printofix G. Yellow R-MR
  • Printofix Yellow R-GP
  • Printofix Yellow R-5G
  • Printofix Black R NG liq.

Drimaren Reactive Dyeing

We offer a vast gamut of drimaren Cl - reactive dyes that imparts various types of colors. These Drimaren Cl - reactive dyes are procured from the reliable manufacturers of the industry to ensure our clients a perfectly formulated product. These are available at industry leading prices.

  • Drimaren Yellow CL-3G p
  • Drimaren Yellow CL-2R p
  • Drimaren Yellow CL-S gr
  • Drimaren Orange CL-3R p
  • Drimaren Red CL-5B p
  • Drimaren Red CL BL
  • Drimaren Rubinolle CL-3BL p
  • Drimaren Blue CL-BR p
  • Drimaren Navy CL-R p
  • Drimaren Turquoise CL-B p
  • Drimaren Black CL-S p
  • Drimaren Deep Black CL-N 200 p

Drimaren High Fast Reactive Dyes

We have an extensive range of drimaren HF - reactive dyes, which are widely used in the textile industry. Our range of drimaren HF - reactive dyes comprises of soothing as well as vibrant mix of colors that are available in a multitude of tints. These reactive dyes are formulated from best quality chemicals that makes them safe to use and environment friendly.

  • Drimaren Yellow HF-3GL cdg
  • Drimaren Golden Yellow HF-G cdg
  • Drimaren Yellow HF-CD cdg
  • Drimaren Orange HF-2GL cdg
  • Drimaren Scarlet HF-3G cdg
  • Drimaren Red HF-CD cdg
  • Drimaren Dark Red HF-CD
  • Drimaren Red HF-6BL cdg
  • Drimaren Red HF-3B gr
  • Drimaren Blue HF-CD cdg
  • Drimaren Blue HF-RL cdg
  • Drimaren Royal Blue HF-CD cdg
  • Drimaren Blue HF-2B cdg
  • Drimaren Navy HF-GN cdg

Direct Dyes

We provide a wide range of indosol solar - direct dyes, which are used for various applications in diverse industries such as paper, plastic, textile etc. Our range of direct dyes have good leveling property and are easy to apply. These indosol solar - direct dyes are suitable for high-temperature applications and are cost effective.

  • Indosol Dark Black 6NBI
  • Indosol Orange 2GL
  • Indosol Yellow 5GLL p
  • Indosol Red BA p
  • Indosol Royal Blue 3RL sgr
  • Indosol Rubinole SF-RGN sgr
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